Hikaru-san’s Picture

In a storehouse in Matsuyama University you’ll find a scary picture called “Hikaru-san’s Picture.” The eyes of the woman depicted in the painting move, and it’s said she even comes out of the painting every now and then. If you happen to point at the picture, you’ll soon find yourself injured. Some say that even if you burn the picture, it’ll simply return to its original place.

Hikaru-san’s picture became famous nationwide after it was featured on Kiseki Taiken Unbelievable in 1996. Apparently the painting used to sit on the wall by the stairs until the 1980s, and had been there for quite some time. Due to a series of baffling events, the painting was then moved to a storehouse on the university grounds in the late 80s.

The painting’s official name is “Shojo,” or young girl, and the artist is listed as Sato Hikaru, which is how it came to be known as Hikaru-san’s Picture. However, according to current and former students, no such student ever attended the university. Nobody knows how the painting ended up in the school.

According to one story, a young woman was in the basement library after finishing her mid-year exams. She didn’t notice that it was past closing time, nor did she see that security had already locked the door. The school entered summer vacation, and when the next semester began, security unlocked the door to the library once more. Inside they found her decomposing body, and scratch marks on the door. They say that even now you can hear a voice calling out from the basement, pleading for someone to “let me out!” That girl was Hikaru-san’s girlfriend. He was a member of the art club at university and painted her picture before her death. After her death, however, her malice took up residence in that painting to haunt the school forever after.

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