The village you must not enter

There is a small village on the verge of dying out called Ikezoe. It’s so small that people claim the villagers share in only three different last names, and all they have is a post office and small general store. Even so, nobody knows for certain just where Ikezoe is, for it exists on no map. That fact alone probably strikes fear into the hearts of many, because that means Ikezoe Village might even be near where you live…

People say that around Obon season, a truck can be seen leaving flowers on the doorsteps of each house in Ikezoe. Supposedly, the mountain behind the village contains a graveyard where all villagers are buried when they die. These flowers are so the remaining family members can pay their respects, but to the untrained eye it might look like Ikezoe is a village of the dead.

But that’s not all. Some say that all who enter Ikezoe Village will die. If you happen to accidentally come across Ikezoe, as some unfortunately have, and go inside, then you are doomed to die a mysterious death within the next few years.

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