The cryptid of Hiroshima

In the 1960s, there was several reports of a large anthropoid-type creature in the Hiroshima area. It was an unidentified mysterious animal. Its face was like an inverted triangle with sharp eyes, and its entire body was covered in fine, dark reddish-brown hair, almost black in colour.

One particular characteristic of it was the hair on its head, standing bristled up to 5 centimetres in length. Its movements were slow, and it showed no sign of fear of humans.

There are various opinions as to what the creature was. Some say it was merely a large monkey or a bear, others say it was an escaped orangutan. Some says it was a vagrant, while others claimed it was a hermit who lived in the mountains.

Around the start of the Showa Era, there were tales of a pregnant woman who lived in a village near Mount Hiba who suddenly disappeared. These stories went on to claim the woman gave birth to a wild child up in the mountains.

The last sighting of the creature was on October 15, 1975, and then it was never seen again.

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