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Kohoku Bridge

Location: 2 Chome, Ogi, Adachi, Tokyo, 123-0873

Located in Adachi, north of Shinjuku, the Kohoku Bridge is known as one of the most haunted spots in Tokyo. The bridge is well-known for repeated traffic accidents, and over the years many ghost sightings followed, giving it a reputation as one of the biggest ghost spots in the capital.

It all started about 30 years ago. On December 12th, 1989, a car broke through the guardrail and drove over the edge of the bridge into the river. The driver was never found. After this several cars drove over the edge of the bridge in repeated accidents. According to reports, the drivers claimed that while they were driving, their vision warped and the bridge seemed to curve to one side. As they turned the steering wheel to follow this abrupt curve of the bridge, they drove over the edge. As a result of this, the bridge was remodelled in the mid-90s and the guardrails were strengthened, causing a drop in the number of accidents.

In addition to these accidents, drivers and pedestrians walking over the bridge claim to have seen a female ghost floating nearby. This female ghost is perhaps the most commonly seen at the bridge, although it’s unknown whether she was the victim of an accident there or lived in the area in the first place. Others have reported being chased by a man on a bike, and other such variety of ghosts.

Such a large number of accidents have occurred at the bridge over the years that rituals have been held to purify the area, but they’ve had no effect. A famous medium went to the bridge in order to purify it, but was quoted as saying, “Nothing can be done here.” People also claim that if you walk across the bridge at night, you’ll be cursed.

Not only single ghosts, but groups of ghosts are said to hang out underneath the bridge, and people playing baseball on the field near the riverbed or those just walking by may be unlucky enough to run into them. One man who went to watch a game of baseball reported that he felt a distinct tap on his shoulder, but when he turned around no-one was there. A medium who visited the area felt that this was because the geography under the bridge acted as a type of ‘ghost magnet.’ The undulation of the river helps to strengthen that, and as the bridge was built over the top of this, it made it prone to accidents and ghostly appearances.

Other incidents that people have reported happening at the bridge are as follows:

1. The sound of drums and accompanying orchestra luring people over the edge of the bridge.

2. When driving over the bridge, drivers suddenly find themselves tired and without enough energy to even grip the steering wheel. When they turn to look out the driver’s side window, they can see a pale-faced woman staring at them.

3. An elderly spirit and his dog can be seen walking along the footpath.

4. People trying to take photos from the top of the bridge can find their shutter refuses to work, even though it works perfectly fine when pointed at something else.

Whether any of these ghostly sightings are actually true or not, the fact remains that the bridge is a hotspot for accidents, so if you ever go there, make sure to be very careful when crossing over.


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