Against my will

Author: Ukari

To say here is far, and to call yonder nearby. Stories on the edge of the every day, strange tales you may or may not be moved by. Strange, curious, fantastic stories told by me, you, him and her. There are many stories but they’re all concluded within a single page, each story around 200 to 1200 characters in length, a short story collection you can easily read. Please enjoy them. Updated every Saturday at 6pm.


Something strange started to appear in my TV.

It doesn’t appear when I’m watching TV normally. It doesn’t show up when I’m watching with my father or mother, either. But when I’m playing video games alone, there it is. A large mouth, smiling back at me from ear to ear. It happens when the game screen goes black, or when the game is loading. When I see myself reflected in the TV, it’s sitting there beside me, smiling.

At first I thought the screen was acting like a mirror, and that something was actually beside me, but I was wrong. He only appears in the TV screen. He’s about the same size as me. Like a good-for-nothing teruteru bozu, wearing a raincoat. The hood sits over his eyes so I can’t see his face, but that large, red mouth is always laughing at me. It just keeps on grinning.

He’s never done anything more than that. The fear I first felt began to fade as I realised I was never going to come to any actual harm, and after that I just got more and more pissed off. But what could I do? I didn’t know how to deal with him.

Slowly my time playing video games has decreased.
Against my will, my grades have started to rise.


** Translator’s note: A teruteru bozu is a small paper doll that people make to keep the rain away. It looks very similar to a Western ghost, just a round ball-shape for a head while the rest of the paper hangs beneath it like a ghostly, shapeless body. **


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