Toshiden: Exploring Japanese Urban Legends

Think you know urban legends? Think again.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Kuchisake-onna, the slit-mouthed woman who cuts your mouth from ear to ear? Or what about Sugisawa, the cursed village that damns all who stumble upon it?

How about that woman in the taxi who disappears before they reach her final destination? And did you know that there’s a test to determine if you’re a murderous psychopath?

Toshiden: Exploring Japanese Urban Legends is an anthology featuring over 60 of the most terrifying and chilling legends to come out of Japan over the last fifty years, painstakingly researched and many translated into English for the first time right here. From supernatural creatures to medical mishaps, horrific crimes to secrets of the entertainment industry, nobody does horror quite like Japan. Find out the hidden secrets behind these legends and how they came to be. After all, the truth is often stranger than fiction.

“This book is insanely brilliant!! I’d like to consider myself an active Japanese urban legend/yokai/occult/cryptozoologist enthusiast…… but holy cow…. this book has so many urban legends I’ve never ever heard of! It’s impeccable!”

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Reikan: The most haunted locations in Japan

Do you have what it takes to explore the ruins of a once prosperous, now mysteriously abandoned shrine?

Would you step inside a house said to curse all who enter?

What is the truth behind the tunnel that’s said to have living sacrifices buried within its walls?

Reikan: The most haunted locations in Japan explores forty two ghost spots from around the country. From abandoned shrines and hospitals to rundown homes and haunted forests, discover some of the most famous haunted locations Japan has to offer and learn how they became haunted to begin with.

These aren’t your regular haunted houses. Click the buy button and discover the real terror lurking in the dark right now.

“The book is so incredibly written and just so darn fascinating! From Hokkaido to Kyushu…. this volume details real-life haunted areas from different regions of Japan and meticulously details the rich history behind the tales along with accounts of ‘modern hauntings’.”

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Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet: Origins



The internet has long been a hotbed of the creepy and unknown. In the West we have stories like Jeff the Killer or Slender Man that have enthralled and terrified audiences for years. But how about in the East?

Have you ever heard of Kunekune, the mysterious figure that drives people mad upon sight? How about the house they call Pandora, with its secrets so terrifying that generations have attempted to bury its truth? Who or what is the thing children call Hisaruki? What horrible truths hide behind the curse of the mummy known as Ryoumen Sukuna?

Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet: Origins features 26 of the best creepypastas from Japan. These tales are the cream of the crop when it comes to Japanese horror. Follow the history of Japan’s thriving creepypasta culture and experience a new type of terror, with many stories being translated into English for the first time right here.

You’ve never experienced horror like this before.

“The “creepypastas” in this book (‘true’ scary stories that have gone viral online) in this book are great! I especially liked “I’m sorry but your daughter is…” — terrifying on so many levels. I also liked how this book was organized by year, so you can see how the creepypasta styles and themes evolve over time.”

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Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet Vol. 1

Tired of the same old creepypastas? Look no further.

Want to know how to open the demon’s gate, or reach a parallel universe?

Think you can withstand the curse of a god hidden deep in the mountains, in a place that supposedly doesn’t exist?

Would you play Kokkuri-san, knowing it might be the last game you ever play?

In Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet Vol. 1 you’ll find over 100 short Japanese horror stories. These tales, originally posted anonymously to the internet and translated for the first time right here, paint a picture of Japan that most don’t see, and a horror most have never experienced. These are the ‘true’ stories shared by everyday people of inexplicable events that defy explanation. You’ll find tales of vengeful ghosts and yurei, murder and suicide, cursed objects and haunted shrines, abandoned buildings and crowded city trains, yokai and much, much more.

You’ve never experienced horror like this before. Experience the true terror of the East.

“Definitely a great read! There’s something about this collection that reminded me of how I felt when I read the Scary Stories to tell in the Dark series as a kid.”

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Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet Vol. 2

You’ll never look at horror the same way again.

They call her Hasshaku-sama, the eight-foot-tall woman. Once she sets her sights on you, it’s all over. Unless…

A box called the kotoribako dooms all who come in contact with it. How do you deal with a curse that can’t be broken?

There’s something in the rice fields. Something that sends all who look upon it mad. Could you resist the lure of sneaking a peek at the forbidden?

Expanding upon the terrifying tales of the first Kowabana, Volume Two presents over 90 brand new stories of Japanese horror designed to keep you up at night. You’ve never seen creepypastas like this before. Yurei and yokai, vengeful gods and unbreakable curses, spirit mediums and mind-bending customs. Do you really know what’s lurking out there in the darkness? Are you sure you want to find out?

Step inside. If you dare.

“I went in blind not knowing what to expect and I was drawn in instantly. These are the types of stories that make you question everyday things and make you want to look turn the light on before entering a dark room.”

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Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet Vol. 3

Kuchisake-onna, the slit-mouthed woman. Hasshaku-sama, the eight-foot tall woman. Hanako-san of the toilet. Teke Teke. Aka Manto. Sukima-onna.

For years Japan has thrilled and terrified us with its horror icons, making everything from toilets to gaps to wells to railway stations sites of terror. But that’s not all. That’s not even close.

Who, or what, is Kankandara, and why is it hidden deep inside the forest in an off-limits area? Why are people dreaming of a teenage girl called Kanako-san and then disappearing shortly thereafter? How are a third-grade class going to defeat the spirit determined to kill them all before they graduate? Where is the mysterious Kisaragi Station, a station that exists on no map? What was really hiding in the memory card of an abandoned phone?

In Kowabana: ‘True’ Japanese scary stories from around the internet Vol. 3 you’ll find 81 carefully selected and translated tales from the people who know Japanese horror best; those who lived through it. From inescapable curses to haunted houses, vengeful ghosts to supernatural experiences, cities to shrines, rice fields to schools, the Kowabana series is dedicated to bringing you the best horror, thriller, suspense and supernatural stories you’ve never seen before.

“Tara Devlin is absolutely amazing. She has faithfully translated Japanese horror stories from 5chan and, in turn, made a great book for us to be scared by.”

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The Torihada Files: Kage

It won’t stop chasing her.

But what exactly is it?

Megu’s life was at rock bottom. No money, no friends, nothing but a dead-end job with a boss that hated her. But a chance encounter with a beautiful woman on the street—and the thing chasing her—changed her life forever.

What does the dark shadow want? Why do people close to this woman keep dying? Can Megu escape the creature before it comes for her as well? And is she ready to risk her own neck to save the life of a woman she’s just met? A woman she finds herself inexplicably attracted to…

Or will it spell the end for both of them?

The Torihada Files is a series of stand-alone Japanese horror novels set within the same universe. Featuring ghosts, curses, and other supernatural horrors you’ll find only in Japan, each story in The Torihada Files can be read independently of the rest.

Featuring illustrations by Emiru the Yurei.

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