My First Ghostly Experience

At present, I work in construction. I install system bathrooms, and generally we have to get the job done in a single day, so we often work until late into the night. This all took place when I was still the new guy, installing a bathroom in a single house in the countryside.

Work proceeded as normal, but it was taking some time, so we were still working as midnight rolled around. Usually, if work goes past 8 p.m. it’s a bother to the nearby residents, so we leave the rest for the next day, but this was out in the mountains. If we finished work that night, we’d have the next day off, so we contacted the company in charge and let them know we’d be continuing.

At around 10 p.m., one of my colleagues said he had some stuff to do at home, so he said that he wanted to leave early. I was still new to the job, but it wasn’t like I was useless. We always finished up and then left together, but on this particular day he left early and I stayed behind to finish.

About an hour after he left, I stopped to take a break. All that was left was to install the bathroom mirror. Once that was done, I sighed in relief. Finally, it was finished. I glanced in the mirror and when I saw the scenery outside reflected in it, I froze… A woman was standing there.

We were deep in the mountains. Late at night. There were no other houses around. I thought maybe I was seeing things, but I grew scared and hurried to finish cleaning up. First I closed the windows, and then I packed all our tools up, doing my best not to look in the mirror. Then, right as I was finishing up… I saw the woman’s silhouette in the mirror.

She was getting closer!

I ran out of the room in a panic, quickly jumping into my car and taking off. As I hit the road and my nerves calmed down, I grew even more scared wondering how on earth it could have been out there at that time of night. Then I realised something even worse.

At my company, when you finish a job, you’re supposed to leave the written guarantee at the bottom of the bathtub. I’d completely forgotten. I’d worked so late into the night, and the next day was supposed to be my day off, I didn’t want to come back again just to leave a piece of paper. I debated what to do, but in the end I decided to go back.

When I got there, I took the papers out of the car boot, unlocked the front door, then went straight for the bathroom. As soon as I put the papers in the tub, my phone rang.


My heart pounded painfully, I was so surprised, and I broke out into a sweat. It was a friend from back home, someone very familiar with ghostly encounters, and he even did fortune telling every now and then. Considering what had happened earlier, he was just the person I wanted to talk to, so I quickly answered.

“Hey, you’re up in the mountains right now, aren’t you? It’s dangerous up there, you better come home right away.”

I didn’t even get the chance to say hello. I rushed out of the house and back into the car, but this time, it refused to start. Finally, after it felt like my heart was going to crawl out of my throat, the car started and the headlights turned on. A rather tall woman in a dress stood in front of the car. I reversed out of there as fast as I could, driving the rest of the way home in a daze.

A few days later, I told my colleague everything that happened after he left. His face went pale.

“So it really was… Look, listen closely…”

According to him, he was working at the foot of the mountain on a different job when the same thing happened to him. He saw a woman reflected in the mirror. He didn’t want to work up there late at night again, although he really did have other plans that night he left early. According to the friend who called me, there was a family who lived in the area long ago who died in a family suicide. Those spirits had merged and became the woman I saw standing before me.

Until that point, I didn’t believe in ghosts at all. I even thought that all the programs on TV were just fake. But after having an experience of my own, I changed my mind. I never want to see anything like that ever again.

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