First Cooking Class

July 5

Today we had our first home economics class. Ken complained that home economics was for girls and the teacher got mad at him.

“Boys have to learn both cooking and how to sew now,” she said.

Our first class was cooking. Group One cooked rice. Group Two made miso soup. Group Three made curry. I was in Group Three.

I was nervous when I had to cut the potatoes and carrots. “Go slow so you don’t cut your hand,” the teacher said. Soon the curry was done. I was nervous while cutting the vegetables and meat, but after that was okay.

I went to the hospital after school. I told mama that I made curry and she smiled. It’s sad at home without her, but she said she’d be home soon. I’m glad.

“I’ll bring your new sister home too.”

My sister’s name is Tomoyo. Mama’s in the hospital because she gave birth to her.

“Can Tomoyo eat curry too?” I asked.

Mama said she can when she gets bigger. I want to make lots of curry for her then.

July 8

Mama and Tomoyo came home. Papa can’t stop smiling. I wanted to make curry for them so I said so.

“Alright, that’s enough, calm down,” Papa said and wouldn’t let me do anything.

I wanted to play with Mama, but she was too busy playing with Tomoyo.

July 10

Today, Uncle Shinsuke and Aunt Kaori and Grandpa and Grandma came to visit. It was like New Years so I was happy. I wanted to play with Uncle Shinsuke but he wouldn’t. I asked Aunt Kaori to read me a book but she wouldn’t. Grandpa and Grandma wouldn’t play with me either. They were all playing with Tomoyo.

“Go play quietly in your room,” they all told me.

July 12

My aunt and uncle and grandparents are coming again next Sunday. They’re coming to play with Tomoyo. They won’t play with me.

“She’s so cute I could eat her!” Mama said when she was holding Tomoyo.

“Absolutely,” Papa agreed.

“Isn’t that great, Tomoyo!” Mama said.

July 18

I got up early to make curry. I cut the carrots well but the meat was hard. It was so soft and there was blood everywhere.

“Tomoyo! Tomoyo!”

Mama was looking for Tomoyo. Everyone will be here soon. The curry is bubbling nicely.

“Tomoyo! Tomoyo!”

Tomoyo’s so cute that you could eat her.

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