Keitai Baba

Around 10 years ago, mobile phone use exploded and people everywhere were using them. One day, a young girl was on the train when she started making a call.

“You’re on the train, and your call is bothering the other passengers,” the person on the other end of the line suddenly said and tried to hang up. The girl was surprised.

“What are you saying? It’s fine.”

“No,” her partner refused. Then the voice suddenly changed into that of an old woman. The girl pulled the phone away from her ear, and saw that she was no longer holding her phone, but instead holding a small, old woman, about 15 cm in height. The old woman bit her finger, dropping to the floor of the train and dashing off.

That old woman was the yokai known as “Keitai Baba,” or the Mobile Granny. This yokai appears when people are bothering others on the train with their phone. Take care when you’re on the train, and be careful not to bother others with your loud calls.

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