When I woke up and went to the kitchen, I found my mother dead. My father was standing over her, crying.

“Yumi? Your mother was cheating on me. She planned to get rid of us and go live with him. That’s why I had to kill her… Please forgive me,” he said. He sat on the floor and held his head in his hands. I was more shocked by her betrayal than by her death.

I had no intention of informing the police. I decided that we’d go on living as normal, just the two of us. I told my father to go rest and tried to hide mother’s body. I found several pieces of torn up paper lying around her. I pieced them back together.

“Yumi? father is mad run”



Although at first glance it seems that the father has gone mad and plans to kill Yumi next, stories like this always have another explanation hidden just beneath the surface.

The actual message that Yumi’s mother left is not as Yumi thought, but actually “Father run Yumi? is mad.” Yumi herself is the one who tore the message up.

Yumi is not of sound mind, and her parents know it. The only one who doesn’t seem to realise it is Yumi herself, and the question mark after her name indicates that the parents aren’t sure whether its actually Yumi, their daughter, or perhaps some other personality inside her that plans to harm them. But the mother is too late, and Yumi kills her and tears up her warning. The father, realising this, covers and claims that he murdered her, knowing full well that his daughter did the deed, but probably doesn’t realise it.

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