The Dark Figure Who Appears Before You Die

Rumours on the internet recently have spoken of a mysterious figure that approaches people on the verge of death to help them. Sometimes it’s a dead sibling or family member, and sometimes it’s just a voice, but either way, this figure will point people in the right direction, and even help them on their way.

This might sound all well and good, but my personal experience might change your mind.

My grandfather died of cancer. Right when he was on the verge of death and his consciousness was hazy, he suddenly screamed.

“Get rid of that thing by my feet!” he said. My parents and I jumped up, surprised, but there was nobody else in the room.

“Go away! Stop pulling me! Stop pulling me!” he continued. The nurses came running at the commotion and calmed him down with a sedative. A short while later, he passed away.

When I spoke to the nurse later, she said, “This sort of thing often happens. The patients see a dark figure and they complain about it pulling their feet. It’s not uncommon to hear people say this before they die.”

It’s not just nice people who appear before you when you’re about to die. If you happen to see a dark figure before you, be careful…

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