We’re Friends, Aren’t We?

Two men and two women went to a drinking party at university. The four of them had been friends since high school, so they had lots to talk about. As things were livening up, they started to discuss going out for a little test of bravery.

One of the men drove and took them to a tunnel that was said to be haunted. The area was old and covered in vines. They all got out of the car, took photos as they walked through the tunnel, and then they returned to the car. And yet, despite the fact that everyone was back, the driver didn’t start the car.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” the man’s three friends asked. “Come on, let’s go.”

Usually he would say something but, but this time he remained silent and trembled. Then, he finally opened his mouth.

“We’re friends… aren’t we…?”

The sudden question was strange, but they answered him, “Of course we’re friends, why wouldn’t we be?”

“Well then,” he said. “Would you mind looking at my feet for me?”

The three friends glanced down at his feet… Two white hands reached out of the car floor and were tightly gripped around his ankles. The friends screamed and bolted from the car, leaving the driver behind.

When they eventually calmed down and returned, the driver was nowhere to be seen. They searched the area before one of them screamed. With a trembling finger the woman pointed to the vines. The driver was entangled in them.

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