Ice Pick

What on earth are the police doing nowadays? We pay for the food that goes on their tables, but they’re just good-for-nothing scum that won’t do anything.

Last week, there was a murder near work. A young woman was violently stabbed to death with an ice pick. It wasn’t any old ice pick though; it was one of those three-pronged business use ones. Scary, right?

We live in a small town, so it soon became the topic on everyone’s lips. The media gave it a fair bit of coverage as well. Just because it’s big news, doesn’t mean they should be allowed to get away with stirring up the flames of fear though. I mean, my poor grandma was so terrified, every single day she sat before her altar with her hands together in prayer.

And yet the police still haven’t been able to identify even the weapon. I think they’re just making fun of me at this point.



The police haven’t been able to identify the weapon. The narrator describes the weapon in great detail, all the while berating the police for their lack of effort and knowledge. His grandmother is also terrifying and constantly praying. Praying, perhaps, that her grandson doesn’t get caught…

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