Apartment with Covered Windows

This happened when I was in university. There was a strange apartment nearby that people called the “apartment with covered windows.” It was a regular old apartment building, but the windows facing the road on the first floor were creepy. It was a two-story building with five rooms each, and this one time, every single window was covered in paper, not a crack to be seen, like they didn’t want anyone to see inside.

The papers consisted of things like newspapers and leaflets, and even idol and anime posters. Each room was different. I heard at the time that one of the apartments on the first floor had just become vacant, and one of my friends said that he wanted to try renting it.

I’ll call him B-san. He’d just recently gotten a girlfriend and wanted a place to invite her back to. If the rent was cheap, then he didn’t care, and so he rented one of the rooms in the apartment with covered windows. We looked up the rumours about the place beforehand, and while lots of people had heard about it, nobody knew of any actual incidents that ever took place there.

B-san tried to ask the real estate and the landlord about it, but they told him they’d never heard anything about incidents or ghosts there. They didn’t even know anything about the covered windows, because apparently nobody had said anything to them. The landlord said that it was an old apartment, so maybe it was for protection against the cold, condensation, or even the setting sun. They had found mould growing in the closet while inspecting the building one day, but it was an old building so that was to be expected. That was why the rent was so cheap.

As such, B-san went ahead and signed the contract. C-san, D-san, and myself helped him with the move. I really wanted to know more about the window, but he put a curtain up. He bought dinner for us in thanks for helping and we had nabe at his new place with a few drinks. Thanks to the drinks and exhaustion, by the time midnight rolled around we were wrecked. The three of us ended up staying that night in his new apartment.

We put the nabe table away and the four of us lay on the floor. I don’t know how much time passed, but suddenly I woke up. It felt like someone had brushed my back. I stared into space, half-asleep and still drunk, when again I felt it. I turned instinctively, and the curtain was moving. I was sleeping next to the window, so the wind must have blown the curtain against my back.

‘Ugh, just the curtain…’ I thought.

Relieved, I lay back down. Then I realised something strange. It was autumn, so the window was closed, and he didn’t have a fan out.

So why was the curtain moving?

My mind raced when again the curtain brushed my back. Scared, I screamed and jumped up. I turned the lights on and saw it was past 1 a.m. The other three slowly woke up, rubbing their eyes. I explained what had just happened, muttering so fast they could barely keep up with me. But they just told me I was imagining things and didn’t believe me. Then, before their very eyes, the curtain moved.

Everyone screamed at the same time. There was no wind, and nobody had moved, so of course we screamed. But the curtain didn’t just move. It was like someone was pushing against it from the window.

There was no way the wind could do that. What on earth was going on on the other side?

We stared at it, dumbfounded, when B-san suddenly said, “You wanna open it?”

We were still kinda drunk, and perhaps thought if we could find out why the curtain was moving, it would make for a good story. Hell, if it was a ghost, that would be even more amazing! We found ourselves getting more worked up.

This was the plan. B-san and C-san would stand on either side of the curtain, wait for it to move, then they would open it. I would then take a picture. D-san got lucky and all he had to do was wait and watch.

Several minutes passed, and then the curtain moved. B-san and C-san opened it at once. A woman with long hair seemed to be crawling out of the glass, appearing bit by bit. Her dark hair hung loose towards the ground as she crawled out parallel to the ground. By the time her chest had appeared, our eyes suddenly met. We all closed our eyes at once.

When I opened them again, she was gone. The four of us waited until morning, frozen on the spot. Since then, we’ve never been back to B-san’s apartment since.

Who on earth was that woman? Every time we pass by that building now we still tremble just thinking about it.

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