Today I made two huge mistakes.

The first was forgetting to lock the house as I left. I rushed out in a panic because I thought I was going to be late, so it wasn’t until I got to work that I realised. Ugh. Well, I live in a one-room apartment that doesn’t even have a bathroom and there’s nothing to steal, so it should be fine.

The second was much worse. I forgot my work phone. Seems I’m a bit forgetful. I must have left it in the toilet when I was typing an email in the morning. I’m a businessman, so not having my phone with me is the worst. My boss was pissed.

I never wanna make a mistake like this ever again…

Then, just before I was visited by the worst luck of my life. I unlocked the door and when I went inside, the place was a mess. They got me. It was a prowler. The window was shut, so they must have come in through the front door. I’m having no luck whatsoever today. But again, not like I have anything to take, so that’s a light amongst all the bad luck. They would’ve left empty-handed after just messing the joint up.

Ah, shit. Almost forgot my phone again. If I forget it again tomorrow, I’ll be fired. I need to put it in my bag now so I don’t forget. You guys should be careful of prowlers as well.



He went to work without locking the door and left his phone in the toilet. When he got home, the door was locked, the window was closed, and the place a mess. Someone came in through the front door and then locked it. The window was closed, however, meaning they didn’t leave that way. The prowler was still inside the house. He lived in a one-room apartment with no bathroom, meaning the only place the prowler could be hiding was the toilet. Where the man left his phone…

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