Learn How To See The Other Side

A large part of Japanese horror revolves around someone’s reikan, or ability to see ghosts. You can have a strong or weak reikan, or you can have no reikan at all. You might not be able to see anything supernatural, while your neighbour can see every little thing taking place on “the other side.” Similar to this is one’s reishi, or spiritual sight. This allows you to see things not visible to the naked eye, like emotions, feelings, and yes, occasionally the supernatural.

Did you know that you can develop this ability even if you don’t possess it? Through practice, you can learn to see what lies beyond… or so the internet would have you believe 😉

First, let’s answer a few questions to see where you rank on the reishi scale. Answer yes or no, and keep in mind how many “yes” answers you get.

1. Can you read the feelings and thoughts of others?
2. Even though someone’s expression looks one way, can you tell that they actually feel differently (for example, someone is smiling, but you know deep down that they are upset)?
3. Do people ask “How did you know that?” and are surprised when you know things you shouldn’t?
4. Can you, on occasion, predict when something is going to happen?
5. Do you sometimes sense spiritual presences nearby?

So, how many questions did you answer yes to?

0: You have a lot of work to do.
1-2: With some practice, you’ll be able to develop your reishi.
3-4: You’re already most of the way there, you just don’t realise it yet.
5: You’re a pro. You don’t even need to be here.

Now that you know where you sit on the scale, and how much work you’re going to have to put in to see the other side, let’s take a look at how you go about it! All you need is one minute a day.

1. Make your room dark.
2. Sit comfortably (on the floor, chair, bed, whatever).
3. Close your eyes and concentrate on making your mind blank. This is the hard part.
4. If you start thinking about other things, take deep breaths. Erase all thoughts.
5. Once you’ve done that, imagine the person you wish to see.
6. The stronger the image gets, the better you’ll be able to see and understand that person.

It’s important to note here that the person you wish to see doesn’t have to be someone who has passed on. Japan doesn’t limit the spiritual to the dead. If you wish to see someone’s true spirit, and not what they show the outside world, this method applies to that as well. It’s recommended that you actually start with people you know, your close friends and family, as these images will naturally be stronger and thus easier to work with. As you get better, you can move on to things like guardian spirits, or those who have passed on.

And that’s it. Practice this little one minute ritual each day and over time you’ll find yourself developing an iron-strong reishi, which no doubt comes with all sorts of neat tricks you can show off at parties 😉



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