Falling Rocks

A family were heading to the mother’s family home for a small vacation. Her family lived in the countryside, so they got on the bus. As they reached the foot of the mountain, suddenly the child started to complain. “I’m hungry!” They got off at the next stop and dropped by a nearby cafe to eat.

After they were done eating, the family glanced up at the TV. The bus they were just on had been involved in an accident, crushed by falling rocks. Everyone inside had died.

“We shouldn’t have gotten off…” the mother said. The father suddenly got angry.

“What on earth are you saying?” Then he realised what she meant. “Oh, yeah. We really shouldn’t have gotten off…”



The bus stopped to let the family off so they could eat. After continuing, it was crushed by rocks. The mother lamented this, saying they shouldn’t have gotten off. Not because she wanted to die; the opposite, in fact. Because the bus stopped to let them off, it was running a few minutes later than scheduled. If the bus hadn’t stopped, then it would have been long past the rocks when they fell and nobody would have died…

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