Observation Shed

The high school I went to was about 120 years old. To the untrained eye, the curves of the buildings that had been built and rebuilt numerous times could only be described as “strange.”

Although they are rare now, there is a one-story building with stairs inside, leading right up to the roof at the end of the hall. In another building, the door to the music room, which is right by the entrance, is buried, so nobody can get inside (from the outside, it appears to be boarded up by numerous plywood planks).

Yet the strangest of all has to be the extremely weird “observation shed.”

I travelled quite a bit to get to school, but every now and then I stayed with friends who lived close to the school. One day, we decided to go stay in that shed. At first glance, it looked just like any other house. It was about eight tatami mats large, with an old phone and a small kitchen inside. As for why it was called the observation shed, that night, I put my life on the line to find out.

Myself and one other friend decided to spend the night. We were carrying on like it was a school trip as we lay our beds out. We chatted as we ate dinner, and then suddenly the phone rang. Scared, we picked up, but it just turned out to be the janitor. Some other girls had heard all the noise we were making and he was concerned. He warned us not to be too noisy, and we went to hang up. As we did, he continued.

“Ah, I forgot to mention it, but… Make sure you close the curtain on the west side before you go to sleep.”

“Okay,” we answered and hung up, but we had no idea what he meant. There was a graveyard behind the school, but that wasn’t to the west of us, so we thought it strange, and my friend opened the curtain. There was an old well decorated in hemp rope right there.

The school was shaped like a U, and the shed blocked view of the well from it. I got chills down my spine the moment I saw it.

“It’s kinda creepy,” we said, and ended up pushing our beds together to sleep.

How long did we sleep? I woke up, the top of my shoulders cold and trembling. I glanced over and my friend was gone. There was no toilet, so I thought she must have gone to use the teachers’ toilet. I waited, but she showed no signs of return. I opened the door and looked outside, but there were no signs of her anywhere.

“Where on earth did she go…?”

Worried, I returned to the room and looked over at the window. My friend was standing by the well in her underwear, her hands moving by her waist.

“She really went out there to pee?” I wondered in amazement. I went to close the curtain when I was overwhelmed by this strange feeling. I looked over at the well again and almost screamed. She wasn’t peeing. She was wrapping the rope around her waist. She squatted and tied the other end of the rope to a large stone.

I was speechless. Then, a white hand reached out of the well. It grabbed around, as though looking for something, and then finally grabbed the rope. My friend hung her head and didn’t show any response.

The hand slowly pulled the rock closer. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t.

‘Ah… It’s gonna take her…!’ I thought, when the phone started to ring and brightly lit up the darkness. I fell backwards on the bed. It was like I had overcome the paralysis gripping my body, and I flew outside barefoot to save my friend. I somehow got her back inside. I called to her for god knows how long, and then finally she seemed to come to before bursting into tears.

Released from the fear gripping me, I burst into tears with her. We decided to call someone for help and picked up the phone. This time, however, we both fell back on the beds. The entire phone was gone, and not only that, but the part where the line connected was empty.

We later discovered that soon after the school was built, student after student killed themselves at that very well. They tried to cover it, but the workers started to die, one after the other, so they gave up. They decided to hide it from the public eye instead when renovating the school, but still people threw themselves down it, so they built the observation shed instead. However, the man on watch in the shed threw himself down the well as well, so in the end they abandoned it.

So, how did we receive the call telling us to keep the curtain closed? And was it really the same guard who used to work in the observation shed…?

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