Ghost Passenger

There was a customer complaint late as night, so my company called me in to work. It was too late for any buses or trains, so I called a taxi. This is the conversation I had with the driver:

Driver: “Yesterday, a man with a knife went wild at a restaurant nearby, and we were warned to be careful. If he called for a taxi, we had to pretend not to know anything and once we let him off, we were to inform the head office.”

Me: “That’s scary, isn’t it? Osaka has a lot of dangerous incidents as well, huh?”

Driver: “It is scary. But hey, it’s better than giving a ride to a ghost. They don’t pay and they always cause accidents.”

Me: “…That’s terrible. Wait, you’ve given a ride to a ghost before?”

Driver: “Occasionally. I let one out just now as you were getting in. You didn’t notice?”



It was late at night. The taxi driver picked the man up at his house. If the ghost got off at the same time the man was getting in, that meant that the ghost got off at his house…

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