Station Toilet

I got on the last train after a long day at work. As I got off at the station, I suddenly needed to use the toilet. I don’t usually use them, and even for the countryside it was pretty gross. There were five dirty toilets lined up. I stepped before the first one to do my business when I felt eyes on me. I turned to the side and a man was standing by the very last one.

I quickly looked away.

There was nobody inside when I entered… I looked back again, and he was gone.

Was I imagining things? I finished my business and went to wash my hands. I glanced in the mirror and saw the five toilets lined up behind me. A man was standing by the last one. He slowly turned to look at me. Not his body. Just his neck. It did a 180 degree turn and glared at me in the mirror.

Unable to even scream, I panicked and ran from the toilets all the way home.

The next morning, I stepped into the toilets to confirm what happened the night before. Of course, nobody was there. Relieved, I went to do my business and when I was down, turned around to wash my hands.

The blood drained from my face. The sink was still there, but where the mirror should have been, there was nothing.

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