Abandoned School Mirror

Rumours said that if you looked at the large mirror within a certain abandoned school at exactly 2 a.m., something strange would happen, so one summer, three of us made our way over.

It was made of old wooden buildings hidden deep in the mountains, exactly what you would expect of an abandoned school.

As the three of us went inside, the smell of dust assaulted our nostrils. The mirror in question was just to the right of the entrance.

It was nearly 2 a.m. In the drowning humidity we gulped and focused on the mirror.

2 a.m.! …But nothing happened. Three idiots in long sleeves stared back at us. Five minutes passed, and figuring that looking at it any longer would be pointless, we laughed and put the school behind us.

I looked at what my friend was wearing, and suddenly I froze, my face turning pale…



It’s summer and extremely humid. The reflections they saw in the mirror were wearing long sleeves. When he looks at his friend, he freezes and feels sick. Why? Presumably because he’s wearing short sleeves. They all are. It’s a stinking hot summer. They didn’t even realise the mirror had indeed been showing them something strange all along.

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