Woman Looking at the Stars

A man was on his way home from work when he looked up at a clear, starry sky above him.

“How many years has it been since I saw the stars?” he wondered. Having been so busy recently, looking up at the night sky calmed him.

After that, the man made sure to look up at the night sky at least once each day from his veranda. Then one day, he noticed a woman across from his apartment doing the same. Before he knew it, he found himself inexplicably drawn to the woman. They were looking up at the same sky together.

“I wonder who she is? Does she know that I’m also looking up at the stars?” he thought. Unable to stand it any longer, he decided to go pay the woman a visit.

His heart full of hope, he made his way over towards her apartment. He rang the buzzer, but no matter how long he waited, nobody answered. Growing impatient, he reached out for the doorknob and opened it.

He nervously entered the room. It was dark. Moonlight filtered in through the open curtain and shone on the woman. When he saw her, the man froze.

The woman was dead, hanging from the window.

What appeared to be the woman looking up at the sky was actually the woman hanging by a rope.

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