Oh man, listen to this. So, the other day I went out drinking, right? I went home sometime after midnight, and like, my mother was lying face down on the floor. Hilarious, yeah? I couldn’t be bothered dealing with her so I went straight to bed, haha. But oh god, in the morning she was still lying there. I thought it was strange and went to wake her and whaddaya know, she was bloody dead! I had no idea what the hell is going on, but anyway I go to the local government office to report her death, and get this. They tell me, “Your mother died shortly after you were born.”

Whaaaaaaaaat? So then, who the hell was raising me for the last 25 years??



This one is right there in the story. If his real mother died right after he was born, then who was the woman who pretended to be his mother all that time…?

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