Three-legged Rika-chan Doll

A woman was using the public toilet when she looked down and noticed a Rika-chan doll at her feet. ‘Why on earth is there a doll here?’ she thought. Perhaps someone left it behind?

She found it odd, but she reached down to grab it when she saw the Rika-chan doll had an extra leg attached to it. It was brown in colour, and creepy.

Surprised, the woman instinctively threw the doll away. But then it spoke. “I’m Rika-chan. I’m cursed…”

Now terrified, the woman fled the toilets. But the voice of the three-legged Rika-chan doll followed her all the way. It was like it was whispering right by her ear, over and over. “I’m Rika-chan. I’m cursed…”

Unable to bear it any longer, the woman went mad and destroyed her own eardrums.

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