The Sound of Rain

Rain fell heavily that night. We arrived at the scene, pulled up in front of the tunnel, and I stopped the car. The atmosphere felt strange, perhaps because of the area directly in front of us was known as a “scary place.”

After a short break, we began to head slowly into the tunnel. It was our first time doing anything like this, so we were oddly excited. Although we knew better, we grinned like children at an amusement park, anyway.

The place wasn’t that old, but no cars came towards us from the opposite side. Still, we proceeded extremely slowly and waited with bated breath for something to happen. We reached the other end of the tunnel without fanfare. My friends in the back who were watching the tunnel walls remarked they saw nothing out of the ordinary either. One friend proposed we should try again, and everyone was in agreement. We did a U-turn and went back into the tunnel.

But again, nothing happened. No matter how many times we drove through, nothing happened. Disappointed (and perhaps with too much free time on our hands) we kept trying, but the results remained the same. The rainfall seemed to grow heavier, loudly falling on the roof of the car. After three or four attempts at driving through the tunnel, finally one of the guys said, “Hey, let’s go home.”

Perhaps he was just bored because nothing was happening, but there was something strange about his voice. I stopped the car as the tunnel exit came into view and turned around. His shoulders were trembling, like he was cold. Our other friend looked at him blankly.

“What’s wrong? Did you see something?” I asked.

“Let’s just get out of here,” he replied. Did he really see something? Both excited and worried, my heart began beating faster. The rain fell even harder, beating loudly on the car’s bonnet. I decided that, first things first, we should leave the tunnel and find somewhere quiet to gather our thoughts. We found a family restaurant on the highway and stopped to go inside.

It was nearly summer, and as we stepped in, our friend finally stopped shaking and calmed down.

“You alright now? What did you see?” I asked.

“Didn’t you hear it?” He looked at us dubiously.

Did he hear something supernatural? A voice? I didn’t hear anything. Our other friend also looked confused.

“No, I didn’t,” I said. “I mean, I was driving, and the rain was pretty loud, so…”

“So you did hear it!” He suddenly screamed, surprising me. It was late and there was barely anyone in the restaurant, but all the staff turned to look at us. Still, I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

“Hear what? Speak clearly!” Embarrassed and irritated, I spoke to him a little more strongly than I intended.

After a short, heavy silence, he finally spoke.

“The rain. The sound of the rain. We were inside the tunnel the whole time, so how was the rain able to hit the roof?!”

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