When I was a kid, I had a friend called A. We were on our way home from school one day and had the following conversation.

“Ugh, we have a test next week, don’t we? Let’s study together tomorrow!” I said.

“Ah, sorry I can’t, tomorrow Dragon Quest 1 goes on sale, so I’m skipping out on school to get it!” he replied.

“You stay up late playing video games every single night, and you sleep through classes all day, yet your grades are still good!”

“…I can see the future,” he said. “I know what’s gonna be on the test, so that’s how I get good grades.”

“Huh?” I laughed. “Give me such powers. I’d go hit up the horse races and make some money!”

“…Idiot, I was joking,” he replied.

“You’re no fun,” I said.

After the test, A received full marks. Thinking back on it now, it was always like that.



This one is hidden in plain sight, although somewhat obscure until you notice it. His friend mentions he’s going to buy Dragon Quest 1 the next day. He never studies and spends all his time playing games and sleeping in class, yet he always gets perfect marks. He says that it’s because he can see the future, but then laughs it off as a joke. But if he can’t see the future, how does he know the game is Dragon Quest *1*? After all, people don’t start attaching numbers to games until they become a series, and how would he know the game would become a series unless… he actually could see the future?

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