So, I just witnessed an actual traffic accident. I was at the pedestrian crossing in an area of town that gets a lot of traffic, but the road isn’t very large. There used to be a lot of accidents there, and some of my classmates had even told me about the horrors they’d seen there…

The person involved in the accident was a rather young man, I think. I only looked at him briefly while we waited for the light to change, so I can’t be certain, but I think he was young. The thing that makes me question it is that he had a cane. But he didn’t seem old. Maybe there was something wrong with his legs, I dunno.

I was just waiting for the light to change, staring into space, when suddenly my phone started to ring. It sounds kinda like peekon, peekon, some electronic sound. I was a little embarrassed, so I panicked and tried to pull it out of my pocket, but the strap got caught. I yanked on it furiously and then finally got it out, but it was from an unknown caller.

‘What the hell, who’s this?’ I thought, and closed my phone. Then I suddenly heard the sound of brakes. When I looked up, I saw broken sunglasses covered in blood fallen at someone’s feet.

Just as I suspected, the man with the cane was lying on the ground a few metres ahead of me, covered in blood. The truck driver was screaming, “Why did he suddenly jump out like that?!”

What happened? Was it a suicide?

It was so shocking.



The man was young, wearing sunglasses and had a cane. He was blind. The girl’s ringtone sounded exactly like that of the pedestrian crossing, so when the man heard it, he assumed the light had gone green…

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