Closet Roommate

A woman in her twenties was enjoying single life in her apartment. Her life was a cycle of heading to work at midday, and returning home in the evening. She also paid close attention to the order and cleanliness of her home.

One day on her way home, the woman felt something about the placement of her furniture was odd. The TV remote was also in a different place to usual. The strangest thing of all was when she realised that the closet door was often open just slightly. She was frightened, but she decided to keep an eye on things and see what happened.

One night while she was in bed, she heard the closet door open. Unable to bear it any longer, she got out of bed and indeed, the closet door was again slightly open. She watched the closet door the entire night, and as the moonlight finally hit it, she clearly saw eyes within the closet looking back at her.

The woman screamed and attempted to run from the room, however, a man burst out of the closet and ran after her. He grabbed her hair, but the woman was able to escape and ran all the way to the closest police station where she sought help.

Several officers returned with her to the apartment. The man was long gone, but from inside the closet they found a large amount of rubbish and clothes that appeared to belong to the man. One of the officers then spoke to the terrified woman.

“Judging by this, it would appear the man has been living inside your closet for at least two weeks. I recommend moving right away.”

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