One day, a six-year-old girl from the countryside went missing. Her mother was talking with friends at the park for just a few minutes when she suddenly disappeared. She looked everywhere for her, and police also searched the surrounding areas, but the girl was gone. The police were ready to give up.

One month later, the girl’s parents were at their wits end, but they refused to give up. They spent a large amount of money to visit a famous clairvoyant in America, and they immediately asked her where their daughter was. A few minutes later, the clairvoyant answered.

“She’s very healthy.”

The parents were overjoyed at those words.

“I see luxurious furniture around her, so she’s probably in an affluent household.”

The parents were happy, but also overcome with doubt. The mother went straight to the heart of the problem.

“Where is my daughter now? Please tell us whatever you can!” she pleaded.

The clairvoyant looked at her.

“Your daughter is all over the world.”



The girl is all over the world, inside affluent, prosperous houses… It’s somewhat obscure, but the answer to this one hides in the black market. The little girl was kidnapped, her organs harvested, and then sold to those who could afford them. Who could afford organs on the black market? Rich people from all over the world.

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