Kokkuri-san (Kazama Nozomu #03)

I’m Kazama Nozomu. I’m a third grader. Do you guys know about “Kokkuri-san”? It has various names, like “Cupid-san” or “Angel-sama,” but in general they’re all the same thing.

You write the Japanese alphabet on a piece of a paper, alongside “yes” and “no,” and between those draw a picture of a shrine gate. You place a 10 yen coin on top of that, and then two or more people place a finger on top of the coin. Then you call Kokkuri-san and ask her what you want to know.

Kokkuri-san will then answer your questions through the 10 yen coin. When you’re done asking her and finished the game, you ask Kokkuri-san to leave, and you must quickly throw the paper and 10 yen coin away.

This is the simple way of playing Kokkuri-san. However, if you can get such a high level spirit such as Kokkuri-san to appear, then you’re all good, but sometimes you might call down a low level spirit instead. If that happens, the spirit might possess you, so you have to be careful.

Of course, I’m a professional when it comes to Kokkuri-san, so there’s no need to worry. The West also has similar games to this. They call it a “ouija board.” They sell specialised goods just for that purpose.

Well, I guess that’s something we all have in common.

…So, what I’d actually like to talk about as today’s third story is just that; Kokkuri-san. Or to put it more accurately, it’s not really a story. But hey, it’ll be more fun than some crappy story! It’ll be worth your while! To tell you the truth, I’m able to call Kokkuri-san. Huh?

Anyone can call her?

…So naive. The Kokkuri-san I call is the real thing. I can call the real Kokkuri-san. You guys have never seen her before, right? Fufufu… Yep, you can even see her. You doubt me?

Well, that’s something for you to look forward to anyway.

By the way, Emi-chan.

Do you believe in Kokkuri-san?

1. I do.

I see, I see. What a promising kid you are. It’s important to believe in things.

So, on that note, that means you also believe that I can call Kokkuri-san, right?

1. I do.

Well aren’t you just wonderful? Your guardian angel must truly be amazing. I can tell. It’s like there are all these lights shining behind you.

Alright then, now I’m going to call Kokkuri-san for real, so how about it? You wanna try?

Just for you I’ll let you ask her all sorts of questions.

1. Let’s do it.

Then we must.

But hey, even if a regular person plays Kokkuri-san, most cases are often hit or miss. They often call down a low level spirit instead. But for someone like me, a student of Kokkuri-san, I’ve done a lot of research.

You see, I found a fool-proof way to make sure I only call the high-level Kokkuri-san. First of all, using a 10 yen coin makes you a cheapskate. You gotta use a 500 yen coin. With that you can call nice spirit.

Okay, Emi-chan.

Put down a 500 yen coin.

1. Hand over 500 yen coin.

You sure are something, aren’t you? We’re gonna get along just fine. I’ll remember you after this.

Okay, so I’m gonna call Kokkuri-san using this 500 yen coin. Alright, place your index finger on top of here. …Right, are you ready?

Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please come, please come.

Honnyaramaka, honnyaramaka, honnyaramaka. She’s here, she’s here, she’s here!

So. Kokkuri-san is here.

What do you want to ask?

4. About the future

First, let me warn you. You should assume this question will affect your future more than any other. A lot happens in life. Break ups, money problems, etc… Daily life is constantly changing.

Even if the outcome of other questions is bad, if this one is good, then it’ll all be alright. On the other hand, if you had good answers to the other questions, but this one is bad, then your future is gonna be rough.

…Knowing that, do you still wanna go with this question?

1. Let’s do it.

Alright, then let’s tell your future.

…So, do you have any dreams for the future?

1. I do.

…Can you achieve that dream by yourself?

Or is it impossible to do alone?

1. I can achieve it alone.

So your dream is something you can achieve with your own effort, huh. Alright, let’s ask. Listen carefully, try to picture very carefully in your head what I’m about to say. Think about your dream. …… Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, answer me this.

Will the dream Emi-chan is thinking about right now come true in the future?


…Isn’t that great? I have no idea what your dream is, but it would seem that someday it’ll come true, so keep doing your best.

Next up… Oh yeah, let’s ask her if there’s anything you’ll need to conquer in order to achieve that dream. Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, answer me this. Could you tell us if there will be anything holding Emi-chan back from achieving her dream?


Apparently the thing holding you back will be yourself. You’re gonna need an iron will to achieve your dreams. That means it’s going to be a battle against yourself. Well, just do your best. Alright, what shall we ask next?

1. Boy troubles.

I see. Boy troubles, huh? If you’re after a nice boyfriend, how about me?

By the way, is there someone you like right now?

1. Yes.

Oh really, there is?

And are you dating that person?

2. No.

Ah, it’s one-sided, huh? That’s rough. Alright, times like this call for Kokkuri-san! Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, answer me this. Will Emi-chan’s love be fulfilled?


Oooh. As expected. I’m gonna get jealous. Well then, let’s ask her how you should go about it.

Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, answer me this. How can Emi-chan go about snagging the heart of her partner?

I love you.

Wooo, a hot love confession, huh? Phew… so steamy.

Okay, what shall we ask next?

2. Money troubles.

Money troubles, huh?

If you’re worried about that, then you’re a wasteful spender?

2. No.

You’re not? So then, you like saving money instead? Or are you just poor?

2. I’m just poor.

You’re poor… Well that sucks. Still, even if you’re poor now, you might be successful in the future, so let’s ask.

Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, answer me this. Is there a chance that Emi-chan might become rich in the future?


Oh my… Well, don’t be too disappointed. We’ll ask her something else. Come on, which one do you wanna know?

3. Study and work.

You wanna know about this, huh?

Hmm, hmm, is there some type of work you’d like to do in the future?

1. Nod.

I see. You’re already thinking about the future, huh?

So, are you studying anything to achieve that then?

1. I am.

I see. You’re working hard. Well then, let’s take a look and see if the fruits of your labour will lead to the job of your dreams. Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, answer me this. It would appear Emi-chan has a job she would like to do in the future.

Will her efforts blossom in the future?


She says your efforts will be rewarded. Yep yep. Keep doing your best. Shall we ask her about whether your career will be successful then?

Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, answer me this. When Emi-chan starts working, will she be successful in her career? Please tell us what will happen.


Hmm. The world isn’t a very kind place. But even so, you can’t forget to keep doing your best. Let’s change tracks and ask something else.

1. Kazama-san’s female troubles.

Leave that alone, would ya? Leave me be. If there’s nothing else you want to ask, then I’ll send Kokkuri-san back.

Huh? You haven’t seen Kokkuri-san yet so I can’t send her away? …You can’t see her? What are you saying? You can see her, right?

Look… I dunno if the other guys are just bored or not, but they’re falling asleep. Kokkuri… Kokkuri… Kokkuri-san…

See? You could see her, right? And that’s the end of my story. Whoever’s next, you’re up. …… What was that? This Kazama-san looked like he wanted to say something. Ah!

He put my 500 yen coin in his pocket! …What a guy. To take money from a junior… Kazama-san is looking this way and smiling. I’ll just ignore him. I probably shouldn’t involve myself with him in the future.

Let’s quickly hear the next person’s story. Who’s next…?

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