Abandoned Building

This happened when I was in elementary school. There was this abandoned building in the village I lived in. It was something like a two-story apartment building made of concrete. Most of the windows were broken, and the walls dirty. The locals didn’t like to go near it much.

One day, myself and a friend decided to take a look around. It was only midday, so we went in and up to the second floor to snoop around. There were several doors, and one of them had something written on it.

“I’m in a room beyond this point,” it said.

We opened the door and went inside. We ran into a fork and on the wall something else was written.

“I’m down the left-hand side.”

We were a little scared, but we proceeded down the left. There were rooms on either side, and something else written on the wall.

“My head’s in the left and my body in the right.”

My friend freaked out the moment he saw it and ran. I froze, and summoning up all my courage, entered the room on the right. Something was written on the far wall.

“My body is under here.”

I looked down.

“My head is coming from the left room. Don’t look behind you.”

I panicked and jumped out the window. I haven’t been back to that place since.



Each time the boys get instructions, it’s explicitly mentioned that they’re written on the wall. The last time, however, there’s no mention that it was written. Meaning, the boy heard it, not read it, and if he heard it, then…

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