The Bulletin Board of Death

Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi (Scary Stories that Happened at School) was first released on SNES in 1995. A newer version was released on Playstation the following year with many new and slightly upgraded stories. Many of these have never been translated into English before, and they’re the type of stories you’re likely to see on this website, so I decided to translate them for YouTube.

The premise is that a member of the newspaper club is gathering stories for a special on their “Seven School Mysteries,” a kind of folklore common in Japan about seven weird or strange things that happen at a particular school. Each character in the game has somewhere between 7 to 10 unique stories, and many can take different turns depending on your choices. Here you’ll be getting the stories as I play through them. I may at a later date fill them out with all possible options, but until that time, please enjoy!

The Bulletin Board of Death (Iwashita Akemi #01)

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