The Bulletin Board of Death

Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi (Scary Stories that Happened at School) was first released on SNES in 1995. A newer version was released on Playstation the following year with many new and slightly upgraded stories. Many of these have never been translated into English before, and they’re the type of stories you’re likely to see on this website, so I decided to translate them for YouTube. If, however, you’re not a big fan of YouTube and prefer to read, never fear! It’s not quite the same experience, but I’ll be posting the scripts for the translations here as well. Choices throughout the story will be denoted with italics.

The premise is that a member of the newspaper club is gathering stories for a special on their “Seven School Mysteries,” a kind of folklore common in Japan about seven weird or strange things that happen at a particular school. Each character in the game has somewhere between 7 to 10 unique stories, and many can take different turns depending on your choices. Here you’ll be getting the stories as I play through them. I may at a later date fill them out with all possible options, but until that time, please enjoy!

The Bulletin Board of Death (Iwashita Akemi #01)

We’re starting with me? Okay. Well, shall I introduce myself first? My name is Iwashita Akemi. I’m in the third grade. To start with, Kurata-san…? You’re in first grade class E, right?

So that means your classroom is on the third floor of the new school building. At the end of the long hallway.


1. Yes.

Fufufu… I knew it. Then of course that means you use the stairs, right?

I don’t know which stairs you use, but you pass by the entrance on the first floor, yeah?

You know about the old bulletin board that’s there?

1. I know.

Oh, you do? Then we can quickly move it along. I’m going to tell you a story about that bulletin board now. That bulletin board was a graduation gift for the students of this school. The new school building wasn’t built then, so it’s from several decades ago.

At the time, they hung it on the first floor of the old school building. It was supposed to strengthen the students’ relationships with each other, so people could use it freely to recruit club members and leave messages for friends. The bulletin board was covered in paper.

Apparently lots of students used to gather in front of the board during break times, so it was very busy. They no doubt passed around many messages there. When the new school was built, the board was placed in its current spot specifically so the students could continue to easily use it.

Even so, now it’s just covered in desolate thumb tacks, yellowed scraps of paper, and dust… Nobody gives it a second glance. Of course they don’t, because there’s a terrifying curse placed upon that bulletin board.

Hmm? Kurata-san, you’re laughing. Did I say something funny? Or perhaps you don’t believe my story? Either way, I can’t help but think you’re making fun of me. Until you apologise, I’m not going to say any more.

…What should I do. I didn’t meant to laugh at her. Iwashita-san is really angry.

Maybe I should apologise.

Let’s do it. It was my lack of consideration that ruined her mood after all. Plus she’s my senior. “I’m terribly sorry. I apologise.”

“Ufufu… that’s okay. Thank you for being so sincere. I love sincere people. Ah, I don’t mean that in a strange way. Don’t take that the wrong way, yeah. Okay, let’s get back to the story…”

How far was I? That’s right, the terrifying curse of the bulletin board. That’s where we were. Fufufu.

That board really is cursed. Hey, Kurata-san. Do you know what they call that board? They call it “The bulletin board of death.” Pretty ominous, right? But…

There’s a good reason they call it that. It all started with a trivial joke. It happened around the time the new school had just been built. One day, a single answer sheet was hung on the board. I think it was a maths test?

What do you think, Kurata-san?

Are you good at maths?

2. No.

Was that the wrong question to ask? My bad, I didn’t know.

But, I see… You’re not very good at math, huh? Ufufufu. The answer sheet that was hung on the bulletin board was also covered in mistakes. It apparently had an awful score. And the name written on that answer sheet…? Fufu, relax.

It wasn’t Kurata Emi. The name of the owner of that answer sheet was Eto Shouko.

She was plain and quiet, and barely stood out in class at all. So why was her answer sheet hung on the bulletin board…? I think I mentioned this earlier… But it was probably just a prank.

Many high school students were still innocent then. I don’t think there was a lot of bullying. But…

From Eto-san’s point of view, I think it must have been painful. Everyone was focused on her answer sheet. It wasn’t a very praise-worthy score…

She was embarrassed… and sad… and mortified… If it were me, I simply wouldn’t be able to bear it. I would catch whoever did it and take revenge on them. Ah, I’m sorry. We were talking about Eto-san’s story.

She tore the answer sheet down from the bulletin board and ran out of the school with it. After that, she never showed her face at school again.

She locked herself in her room. Then, one week later…

They found Eto-san’s dead body beside the school flowerbed, blood pouring out of her head. She jumped from the school roof, but she left a final message on the bulletin board. A suicide note…? You could probably call it that.

On the back of that answer sheet, “How annoying” was written in red letters. There were rumours that it might have even been blood. But it was quickly taken away, so it’ll forever remain a riddle… But…

After that, strange messages started to appear on the bulletin board. “How annoying.” “Why did this have to happen to me?” “How annoying…” The messages appeared in the same red writing as Eto-san’s suicide note.

It might have just been a prank, but… Strangely, On the days these messages were found, somebody would always die. Of course, the curse is still happening even now.

You just started here, so maybe you don’t know, but every year an abnormally large number of students from our school die. Accidents, troubles, suicides… They’re all awful ways to die.

Kurata-san, you should be careful as well. You might become one of those people… Fufu.

Oh yeah, there’s one way you can avoid the bulletin board’s death curse. Do you want to know how? 1. I do.

Then I’ll let you in on it.

First, when you’re taking a maths test, you have to hand it in without writing your name. That alone is pretty simple, right? But you also have to get a perfect score of 100 points.

If you place that perfect score on the bulletin board, they say red letters that form her name will appear in the name space. Then, from somewhere nearby you’ll hear a girl’s voice say “Thank you…”

Only those who hear that voice can be assured of escaping the curse.

Fufufu. That’s also the reason why I’m still here today. Kurata-san, you should also try it sometime soon. There’s no point if you die before getting 100 points, but it must be difficult for those who aren’t good at math to begin with.

But then again, living with fear might also be thrilling and exciting. Experiencing the fear for yourself would make for a good article, right? Ufufu. And that’s the end of my story. I’m looking forward to the next one.

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