Woman in the White Dress

The summer crowds are so depressing. They’re so hot and stuffy. The home time rush on the trains was awful again today, and fed up with it all, I made my way back to my apartment building.

A woman, an old man, two small elementary age boys, a high school boy, a man in a suit, and a mother carrying her kindergartener were all waiting for the elevator. They filed in one by one, and I got in last.

As the door closed, I noticed a woman in a white dress was on board as well. Then the buzzer rang. The limit was nine people. The woman looked embarrassed and was about to get off, but I got out instead. She said thank you and gave me a shy smile. She was awfully cute. I’m not a big fan of crowded elevators anyway, so all the better for me, haha.

Oh yeah, so when I got back to my apartment, I was watching the news, and they mentioned an office lady from nearby had gone missing. Thanks to the chills the news gave me, the hot weather turned somewhat refreshing.



The elevator’s limit is nine adults. Let’s take a look at who got on board:

  • The narrator
  • A woman
  • An old man
  • Two elementary boys
  • A high school boy
  • A man in a suit
  • A mother (with her young child)
  • The woman in the white dress

Weight-wise, the two elementary boys would only count for roughly one adult, and we can exclude the young child the mother is holding, who is only in kindergarten. In terms of weight, that’s only eight people on board when the buzzer rang.

The woman in the white dress is a fake out, a lure to pull you away from the real answer and make you think that she’s at fault. The narrator didn’t see her get on board, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t waiting behind someone else as the elevator came down. And if you think about it, why would her being on board matter, anyway? If she was a ghost, she would weight nothing and the elevator wouldn’t register her. She is a real person, but still, that only accounts for eight (adult) people. The elevator buzzer only goes off if there are nine or more.

He mentions at the end that an office lady from the area has gone missing. So where is she? Perhaps her body has been discarded somewhere… On top of the elevator, perhaps…

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