The Most Dangerous Ghost Photo

Most ghost photos can be chalked up to mistakes made whilst filming or developing, or mistaking something in the photo for something else. However, there is a strange type of photo that even professional photographers can’t explain. This supernatural phenomenon is claimed by many to be extremely dangerous.

In this type of photo, the person appears with eyes that are three times larger than normal. Several years after the photo is taken, the person will suffer a horrific accident and lose their eyesight. In a worst-case scenario, they may even die.

But why is this dangerous? Spirits that interfere with the eyes possess incredible malice and hatred, and it is almost impossible to distract them once they’ve set their minds on something. For that reason, even if a monk or spirit medium performs an exorcism or ceremony for the person, it won’t do any good.

Photos in which a body part appears larger than the rest are often called ghost photos, but most of these occur simply because the person was moving at the time. Alternatively, if somebody moves on purpose, this may leave an afterimage in the photo, and this is how the “ghost photo” comes about.

However, there are countless photo booths around the country that come installed with features to make your eyes look larger than normal. If this legend is true, then that means every single one of these popular machines found in arcades all over the country are actually cursed…

One thought on “The Most Dangerous Ghost Photo

  • May 14, 2019 at 10:49 pm

    I got chills just looking at the picture. It looked like it was breathing…..


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