Staged Robbery

By Asahi Shigeaki (1674-1718)

A man by the name of Wakabayashi Genemon sent a faithful servant to Nozaki Village with three ryo to pay back a debt. The next morning, the servant was discovered tied to the guardrail of the Biwajima Bridge. He had been robbed of his undergarments, but as morning broke he was freed of his restraints and entered a nearby shop. He was told someone would come from Nagoya to pick him up, and somehow he made it back.

People began to whisper that he embezzled the funds and made it look like he was robbed, and it turned out that they were right. Before long, the servant was captured along with his wife and child and thrown into jail. In the following year of his imprisonment, the servant pleaded with his captors.

“Please, allow my wife and child to go free. I will die in their stead.”

The man stopped eating, and then died of starvation. Afterwards, his spirit was seen wandering through the prison his wife and child were being held in. Numerous prisoners reported seeing him, and while there, the man’s spirit made several attempts to grab his wife and child by the back of the neck or wrists to free them from the prison.

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