Top 10 Things That Scare Japanese People

Goo has a ranking for everything, and this time they bring us a list of the top ten things that terrify people in every day life. What’s scaring the nation of Japan? Let’s have a look.

10. Small spaces [395 votes]
9. Husband/wife [411 votes]
8. Thunder [560 votes]
7. Nature [1193 votes]
6. Making a mistake at work [1211 votes]
5. Bugs [1332 votes]
4. Ghosts [1578 votes]
3. Cockroaches [1954 votes]
2. Failing at life [2152 votes]
1. Dying [3811 votes]

I have to say, I’m feeling that number two ranking. I also laughed at number nine. How about you guys? What scares you? Let me know in the comments below!



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