You must not photocopy money

There is something you must not under any circumstances do. You’ve probably thought of it before. What would happen if I photocopied this money?

Well. In Japan, copying money counts as forgery and is treated the same as treason. It comes with an incredibly severe punishment, and for that reason if you try to photocopy money in an office or at the convenience store, an alarm will ring. In a worst case scenario, the police will arrive to take you away.

You might be thinking well that’s fine, I’ll just copy it on my scanner at home and then print it that way. Guess again. The machine itself will recognise that it’s money and when you try to print it, the print out will be entirely black. After that, your scanner will stop working and become useless. If you take it back to the maker, they will recognise that you tried to copy money with it and be forced to alert the police.

You must never try to photocopy money, not even as a joke.

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