I heard a strange voice when talking to my girlfriend

One night when I was at university, I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone. She as talking about one of her friends I’ve never met, and some online novel I had no interest in. She kept going on and on.

As time passed, I found myself more and more unable to concentrate on what she was saying. Then, I heard a voice that was mixed in with hers, something mumbling in the background.

It was too far away to determine if it was a man or a woman’s voice, and it was muddy, without intonation.

She said she as home alone, so I thought that maybe the TV was on and didn’t pay it much attention. Her stories were dragging on though, so I found myself trying to hear the voice better.

A short while later I realised the voice was slowly getting louder. It was difficult to make out. It could have been a high pitched male or a low pitched female. I didn’t know what it was saying, but it was speaking rapidly.

It was a little too unnatural to be the TV, I thought, so I turned my own on and flicked through the channels. I couldn’t find anything that sounded like it. While I was flicking, I realised my girlfriend had fallen silent. I couldn’t hear the other voice either.

Shit, she realised I wasn’t listening and now she’s angry, I thought. I need to say something. But then I heard a man’s low, groaning voice.


I was so surprised I hung up.

After that I lost contact with my girlfriend and she stopped showing up at uni as well. I went to her apartment, but she’d already cancelled the contract and the place was empty (even though I’d only been speaking to her on the phone a week earlier). She hasn’t logged into any of her social media since, nor do any of her friends know what happen. It’s been four years now.

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