Sky Tree’s secret

The base of the Sky Tree is extremely solid. They say it’s deeper than a ten-story building. In general, a ten-story building comes out to be around 31 metres high. If the base is deeper than ten stories, then that means they dug out an area deeper than 31 metres.

So, let’s say that they dug 32 metres into the ground to build the base. Sky Tree is 634 metres high above ground, and when you add the 32 metres underground, that comes out to 666 metres in total.

What comes to mind when you think of the number 666? Aside from the obvious, there’s a good chance it might be the Freemasons. How about Sky Tree’s mascot character, Sorakara-chan? She’s a six pointed star, just like a hexagram, a symbol strongly associate with the Freemasons. Additionally, if you connect all of her eyelashes, you end up with two more hexagrams for a total of three six-pointed stars.

That’s right. Once again you get 666.

Is the proof right in front of us connecting Sky Tree to the Freemasons?

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