The old woman searching for eyes

I heard this story when I was in elementary school. My sister heard it from one of her friends, and that friend heard it from her older brother. The older brother’s friend had a dream. In that dream he saw an old lady. The old lady was looking around restlessly for something.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.

“My eyes,” she said.

They looked for them together, but they didn’t find them. The next day, the boy lost his eyesight. The older brother who heard the story was surprised. That night, he already dreamt about the old woman. The older brother approached her, and as expected, she was looking for her eyes. He helped her look, and finally, they found them.

When the older brother woke up, nothing happened. Neither my sister, nor my sister’s friend dreamt of the old lady. Neither have I.

But, if you happen to come across an old lady in your dreams who is looking for something, make sure you find it, otherwise she might happen to take it from you.

Even if that’s your own life.

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