The peach water curse

Many celebrities that promote Suntory’s peach water end up meeting with misfortune. But why?

Since the days of old, the peach has held powers to defeat and drive away evil, like in tales from Japanese mythology, and even the Kojiki. You may even have heard of the Peach Blossom Spring, a land of utopia. There are many cases where the peach represents the land of heaven, separated from that of the common world. There are many theories on this, but one suggests that this came about because of how similar a peach looks to a woman’s lower body. It was once thought that a woman’s abdomen was a link to the underworld, and thus it came to be revered for its evil fighting powers at the same time as being viewed vulgarly.

Thinking about it this way is perhaps how the link to Suntory’s peach water came about, a link joining our world to the next.

Kahara Tomomi promoted the drink in 1998. After she did, she broke up with her boyfriend, and was fired from her agency.

Hamazaki Ayumi promoted the drink in 1999. She later started to go deaf and lost all hearing in her left ear.

Murata Yoko promoted the drink in 2000. She suddenly left show business in April of that same year, and when she later returned she claimed she left because of a sudden illness.

Yoshii Rei also promoted the drink in 2000. In the same year she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Kanbe Miyuki also promoted the drink in 2000. She died of a sudden heart attack in 2008, only 24 years of age at the time.

Rola promoted the drink in 2013. Her father was later arrested for fraud and she went through a very public battle with her agency over the poor terms of her contract and dwindling work.

You might be fine drinking the peach water, but promoting it certainly seems to come with its own risks.

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