The cursed stone

This legend was passed around from the end of the Meiji period till the first half of the Taisho period.

One wealthy zaibatsu family looked after an important item, so important you might call it an heirloom. It was incredibly beautiful, and their ancestor received it from somewhere unknown.

It was a fragment of stone from an unknown area. The moment it fell into their hands, the fortunes of the entire family changed for the better. Business boomed, and before they knew it, they were celebrities in their own right throughout most of the Kanto area.

However, before he even had a chance to enjoy the fruits of his labours, the ancestor who received the stone died. His body looked like it had been boiled.

When it came time to distribute his possessions, one particularly greedy family member made themselves known and took the stone for themselves. This family member then went on to meet the same fate.

The surviving family members began to wonder if the stone was the actual cause of these deaths, and they asked Professor Nishida Atsushi from the University of Tokyo if he could investigate it.

The professor confirmed that this stone was indeed the cause of the family’s misfortunes. They sealed the stone fragment in a lead box and the professor took it into his care. Not a single family member opposed this course of action, and so the stone came under his supervision.

Not long after the family thought they had escaped the stone’s curse, the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923 struck. Professor Nishida died in the earthquake, and the stone’s whereabouts became unknown.

Even today, rumours abound of where the cursed stone may be…

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