Yahashira Cemetery

A few years back, my friend Toshikazu got a new car. He wanted to go for a drive that night and invited me to go along with him. We stopped by the convenience store and two really cute girls were inside. I checked them out as they walked by.

“Hey, they’re really cute!”

I was looking for some fun, so I called out to them. Apparently both of them were attending beauty school, and they were dressed in fashionable clothes and all done up. They said they would join us if we drove them home at the night of the night.

“Hey, Kousei, where are we going?” Toshikazu asked.

Kayo-chan, one of the girls, got into the passenger’s seat and said, “I wanna go to a ghost spot!”

A ghost spot in winter? I remembered reading in a magazine that the fear people felt in haunted houses and roller coasters were similar to the feelings of falling in love, and made it easier to do so… Why did I remember such a stupid fact?

“Alright, let’s go to Yahashira Cemetery then!” I said. Yahashira Cemetery was a famous haunted location in our town, but I had no idea what was about to happen.

“We’re nearly there guys!”

We decided to go visit the cemetery in the dead of night to test how brave we were. Cemeteries at night are scarily quiet, and the mood in the car became ominous.

Section 13 of Yahashira Cemetery is particularly famous, and as we entered it everyone fell silent. Then Toshikazu suddenly screamed, “H-Hey… T-There’s someone standing over there…”


Toshikazu pointed into the distance and everyone turned at once. He said that someone was standing between the tombstones, motioning with their hand to come over.

“Haha, good one. You nearly got us…”

I couldn’t see anything, but then Kayo-chan in the passenger seat said, “I… see someone there too… a man in a suit…”

“For real? I don’t see anything!”

“M-Maybe someone’s here to visit a grave…”

It was no laughing matter. Then Rei-chan, Kayo’s friend, suddenly yelled, “Please stop!”

We stopped the car and Rei-chan jumped out, running towards the graves in the darkness.

“H-Hey, Rei-chan, what are you doing?” I called out after her.

“She has a strong affinity for the supernatural,” Kayo-chan explained. “She must have felt something.”

“S-Seriously? Then, we gotta stop her…”

If she was so fine-tuned to the supernatural, maybe they should have said that before we came to a cemetery at night… Before I had the chance to finish the thought, Rei-chan vanished from sight. We got out of the car and ran in the direction she disappeared.

“Rei, where are you?”

“This place is pretty big, but I don’t think she’s gone far…”

We looked for her between the graves, but of course, the place was pretty big so we didn’t have much luck finding her. Then, before I knew it…

“What? No way, you’re kidding me? Toshikazu? Kayo-chan?”

While I was looking for Rei, I got separated from the others. No way. How did I find myself all alone in such a place? All around me was nothing but graves. Graves, graves, and more graves. It was the middle of the night, and pitch black to boot. Realising that, I suddenly felt scared. Put yourself in my shoes for a moment and you’ll understand. I did my best to push those feelings aside and went back in the direction of Toshikazu’s car.


“Wait… is that… Rei-chan?”

I saw someone squatting on the road a short distance away, but it was too dark to see if it was Rei-chan or not. Plus, why was she squatting? I nervously approached.

“Um… Rei-chan?”

There was no response. But, if it was her, then we could return to the car together. I wanted to believe it was her. I approached even closer.


“Rei-chan… it that you? W-What are you doing?”

It looked like Rei from behind.

“H-Hey, let’s go back to the car… hey?”

I reached out to touch her shoulder and she slowly turned to look at me.


She was munching on the offerings in front of a grave.

“This… is good… you want some?”

‘What the hell is wrong with her voice?’ I thought. It wasn’t hers.

“R-Rei-chan… stop it… you can’t eat that…”

“Shut up… if you’re not gonna eat, leave me alone…”

She pushed me away with more strength than I thought she was capable of, then went back to munching on the grave’s offerings. Then I heard something in the distance.

“Hey! Kousei! Have you found Rei-chan?”

Maybe they heard us talking, but Toshikazu and Kayo soon came running over.

“S-She’s over here… come help!”

We grabbed Rei and somehow dragged her back to the car. When we got her inside she started to act like nothing had happened and then fell asleep.

“We should get out of here…” Toshikazu said, seeing the state Rei was in. He drove towards the exit, but like I said, Yahashira Cemetery is huge. Toshikazu tried to find the exit, but it wasn’t like we were regular visitors to the cemetery, so we ended up driving around in circles, all the way back to the same spot, over and over…

“Toshikazu… this place is dangerous…”

“I think… that way should lead us out,” he said.

“Hey! Isn’t that the exit?”

“Oh, thank god!”

“Gaaaahhhhh!!” Suddenly Rei screamed.

“What? What? What is it?”

“The o-old guy…” She looked out the window and started crying. We thought she was acting up again, and decided we’d talk more once we were safely out of the cemetery. Rei apparently woke up while we were driving around lost, and after she screamed, something even more terrified occurred. She said that the old guy in the suit from Section 13 was sitting in the car beside her, and when she realised he was there, her body froze. It was like paralysis. He grinned at her and slowly starting stroking her right ear as he looked at her.

Then, as we were approaching the exit, he leaned in close to her face and whispered.

“Ah, just a little more and… never mind… you can’t escape…”

Then he disappeared.

“Look! Look at this!” Rei-chan said and showed us her ear.

“W-What the hell is that?”

Her ear had changed to a dark red, almost purple in colour and was covered in tiny bumps like a rash. It was the ear the grinning old guy had been stroking.

We panicked and thought that if we were with the girls any longer, we’d be cursed or something too. We dropped the two girls off at home without asking for their contact information.

Thinking about it later, that old guy must have possessed Rei to make her act that way.


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