There’s room for one more

In my dream, I was walking when a horse-drawn cart pulled up behind me. I was tired, so I was going to ask for a ride when I noticed it was already full.

Everyone in the carriage looked at me. Their faces were grey and expressionless, like zombies. Only one of them smiled at me and said, “There’s room for one more!”

I refused. Then I woke up.

That day I had some business at the building by the station, so I went out. I needed to go to the top floor, so I pressed the button and waited for the elevator. It arrived from the basement but when the doors opened, it was already full. Everyone inside was expressionless and looking at me. Only one person smiled and said, “There’s room for one more!”

I didn’t get on. About 10 seconds later the wire broke, and the elevator fell to the bottom floor. The news probably mentioned how many people died, but I don’t know.

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