Why they close the school gates

Whenever the 5 o’clock siren went off at the high school I went to, the janitor would always hurry to close the school gates. Even though the chime to mark the end of the school day hadn’t gone off, he would always close the gates. Students would be forced to leave out the narrow rear entrance, which was rather inconvenient.

When we asked the teachers about it, they would never answer (they just said it was the school rules). I asked one of my club seniors about it, and he said there was like a legend or a rumour about why.

In the past, there was a student who committed suicide. She did so at home, but she was the victim of terrible bullying at school, and the teachers did nothing about either. Then, starting on the first anniversary of her death, she would walk up the hill towards the front gate of the school. If she got in, she would be able to carry out her revenge, so they closed the gates. Our generation had always left out the back gate, so we never saw her, but apparently she came up the hill with dishevelled hair and a terrifying look in her eyes.

It just seemed like gossip to me, but the fact they always closed the school gates every day, and the teacher’s answers were strange and vague, there seemed to be some truth to it. There were also some students who ran into her at the rear gate, so when I later thought about how she might be loitering around that area at 5 o’clock, I was really scared.

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