How to meet the person you want to see

There are numerous urban legends informing people on how to visit another world. For example, internet users are perhaps quite familiar with the “elevator method” of moving to another dimension.

But let me tell you instead not about how you can go to another world, but how you can meet someone again in this world who has already crossed over.

Not only that, it is said that if you put this method into practice, you will be able to go with that person to live in their world.

You must first travel to Shimane Prefecture. There is an abandoned hospital that has yet to be torn down that you must find.

In the evening, perhaps around 5:30 pm, you must climb the rusty emergency stairs. It is a spiral staircase. Once you reach the top, you must look down at the atrium. When you do this, you will once again see the person you were never supposed to meet again at the bottom of the stairs.

That person will extend their hand towards you. Whether you take that hand is up to you. However, if you extend your hand and descend the stairs, you will soon be able to touch that person.

If living has become too hard, you can use this method to once again be reunited with the person you love. But you must remember, no-one knows how to come back once you do.

Furthermore, there’s no guarantee that the person who comes to meet you is really the same person you once loved in life.

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