The angry god

This is a story about the family of my old boss. In the past, that family lived in wetlands, and there was a small shrine dedicated to the god they worshipped. But that shrine was moved in order to build a house on the same spot.

After that happened, whenever children were born into that family, half of them would be geniuses, but the other half would be mentally retarded. The current head of the family was one of the geniuses, and when he was young, he was in perfect health. But a few years ago, his body started to rot while alive. They visited several hospitals, but they were unable to discover the cause. It was like leprosy, but it wasn’t.

Even though his body was rotting, he didn’t feel any pain, nor did he smell. The sickness didn’t transfer to others, either. At a loss, the man went to see a friend, a spirit medium, to ask for help. The spirit medium took one look at his home and said, “You have made a god frightfully angry. If I try to exorcise this, I’ll be consumed. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to ask someone else for help.”


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