Toilet peeper

This happened when I was in junior high.

It was around 9 p.m., and I was sitting on the toilet doing my business. I looked up at the toilet window and saw a strange face in it.

The window faced an area outside that was only large enough for a small car to fit through. It was like this person’s face was pressed up tight against the glass, squishing their nose and cheeks in flat. For a moment I got goosebumps, but then I realised it was probably just a peeping tom.

My older sister was a high school student, so it wasn’t that strange to think that someone might be trying to spy on her in the toilet. Of course, it was a toilet window, so the glass was frosted. It was impossible to tell if it was a man or woman inside from the outside.

I wondered if I should scream or do something, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I quietly exited the toilet. I turned to look back and the face was still tightly pressed against the glass. It was peering inside with all its might. The face looked fat, like a fat man’s pressed against it.

I thought it wouldn’t be the best idea to leave it be and let my sister go into the toilet like that, so I put my sandals on and, without saying anything to my family, went outside to check. I walked around the house to the toilet window.

The person was gone. Well, it made sense they would run away, nothing strange about that. I grinned bitterly, but then I noticed something that made my blood run cold.

The toilet window was protected by security lattice. There was only a five-centimetre gap between it and the window glass. There was no way a human face could fit in there.

I panicked and ran back inside, and that night I slept under the covers. That face pressed up against the window was burned into my mind for quite some time to come.


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