Long ago, I used to suffer from painful migraines every single day. I was extremely depressed. Around this time, I ran into a self-proclaimed supernatural expert.

“You should go and get purified,” she told me, and I went to visit the temple she recommended. It was a famous temple, but I didn’t know if the purification would work. As for the price, it was a “pay as much as you want” deal (I paid 3,000 yen).

When my name was called, I walked into the main building. They prayed, but I was still in pain. Even when they finished and I was on my way home, I was still in pain.

“What the hell, they were just fakes,” I thought on my way back.

That night, I got into bed as usual and fell asleep. But I woke up to this strange sensation on my back. It was like someone was gently rubbing it, and inside my head was opening and closing, like eating something.

The next morning, I woke up feeling great! My migraines were gone, and my senses felt sharpened. I saw that woman a few days after, and she asked me how the purification went. I told her the exact same story.


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