I heard this story from my homeroom teacher who loved camping.

When he was a student, he went camping in the mountains with his friend. When night fell, they sat inside their tent telling each other scary stories. At first they just joked around, making fun of each other and laughing, but as it got late, they started the final story.

They didn’t have a huge repertoire of stories, so they were making stuff up along the way. But when he was approaching the halfway point, he noticed his friend staring at something over his shoulder. His friend’s face was full of both fear and anger.

“Let’s go to sleep,” he suddenly said. “We gotta get up early tomorrow anyway!” He put out the light and got into bed.

The next morning, my teacher asked his friend what happened the night before.

“Ah, that. There was an old woman standing behind, with a face like this.” He made an angry face. “She was staring at you, but I was so scared that I couldn’t say anything.”


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